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Public Insurance Adjuster
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Scott M. Favre – Public Insurance Adjuster

Scott M. Favre Public Adjuster, LLC is a public adjusting firm that adjusts insurance losses resulting from catastrophic storms and other losses. Scott M. Favre Public Adjuster, LLC are experts in providing the policyholder with a complete property loss adjustment in Texas, Mississippi, South Carolina, Louisiana, Florida and Georgia including policy interpretation, claim preparations, filing/adjusting claims, and claim settlements. With one of the most successful disaster recovery records in the industry, our firm offers a highly trained, professional staff including engineers, adjusters, accountants, loss estimators, aviation experts, pilots and clerical support ready to work for you, not the insurance company. 

Here at Scott M. Favre Public Claims Adjuster, we are advocates for policyholders only. Our understanding of policy language, coupled with our construction knowledge, enables us to be successful in all aspects of disaster recovery. We ensure that your claim is handled properly and efficiently to guarantee that you get paid every penny that is owed to you.

Your insurance company has adjusters and experts that work for them and have their best interest in mind. We represent you the policyholder and work on your behalf. If you feel that we can help you, our team is ready to meet with you by offering a Free Consultation. There is no obligation in hiring us unless you feel that we can help you. If we are retained, there are no out of pocket expenses, no upfront fees and we do not get paid unless you get paid.  At Scott Favre, we only work for you – Never the insurance company.

Updates: Hurricane Harvey, Texas       Hurricane Irma, Florida


What to do After a Flood

Our thoughts and prayers are with South Louisiana in this tough time. We have helped many businesses and individuals recover after difficult times such as this, and it is never an easy process. While we are still waiting on the waters to recede, we would like to offer words of advice that can make the process forthcoming easier.

In traveling, do not return to flooded areas until authorities have deemed it safe to do. When it is safe, follow recommended routes. Do not detour to sightsee. Watch out for washed out roads, downed tree and power lines. Read more here

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