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Home Insurance Claims AdjusterWhen Home Damage Strikes

When a loss happens to your home it can be devastating. Homeowner’s insurance provides financial protection in the event that your home is destroyed or damaged due to an unforeseen event. With over hundreds of successful residential property claims adjusted, Scott M. Favre Public Adjuster, LLC has helped policy holders recover from fire, wind, flood, water, hail, hurricane and other catastrophes. Each of these types of disasters holds its own unique challenges when it comes to substantiating your claim. With our experience we successfully bring homeowners back to their pre-loss condition.

Property Claims Adjuster

In addition to your home, most homeowners’ policies also cover personal property contained within your home. Valuing your personal property can be frustrating, time consuming and emotionally challenging during your recovery process. Our home insurance claim adjuster is ready to assist you in assuring that all damaged items and values are listed so your claim is properly quantified for clients in Texas, Mississippi, South Carolina, Louisiana, Florida and Georgia.

Additional living expenses are expenses you incur because of your loss and most policyholders do not realize they have this coverage until they have a loss. Often it can be difficult for policyholders to receive funds from their insurance carriers for the costs associated with securing a temporary residence or other extra living expenses resulting from a covered loss. Our team generally finds more than adequate evidence to support the amount of damages awarded for additional living expenses. We are ready to advocate for you, the policyholder, to assure a fair and equitable resolution during recovery.

Steps To Recovery:

  • Free initial consultation
  • Thoroughly examine your policy to be sure all of your coverage is included in your claim.
  • Our team of experts will create a complete picture of your loss including: contents inventory, building damage, additional living expenses and any applicable coverage to be certain nothing is left out.
  • Presentation of the claim to your insurance company.
  • Making sure that you are paid what you are owed in a timely manner.