Common Causes For Property Losses From Recent Hurricane

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Common Causes For Property Losses From Recent Hurricane

Although Hurricanes and the recovery after can be difficult times for those affected, there are many things we can learn from the data gathered in these events. Having as much information as can be gathered makes it possible to better prepare for future catastrophes, mitigating and even preventing losses. After a devastating Hurricane season, the following are some of the top causes for property loss according to gathered data. Roof damage from wind. In most cases not only were the shingles damaged but so were the protective layers underneath.  The compromised structure allowed water to soak through to the wood and insulation.  Flat rolled roofs have similar issues where the wind caused peeling or bubbling under the protective layer. Metal roofs showed the least damage. A good preventative measure is to inspect your shingles for damage and use shingles rated at least 110 MPH wind resistance. Fallen trees and limbs. This was high on the list as well as these cause heavy damage to structures and power lines. Some preventative measures one could take are as follows: 1. Trim limbs overhanging homes 2. Watch for signs of an unhealthy tree. Rain penetration through the roof not caused by rain is easy to mitigate but difficult to repair after damage is done. Some causes of rain penetration are clogged gutters and gutters unable to handle the overflow which can cause water to back up and enter the walls and ceilings.  If water isn’t drained quickly enough it may cause depressions on the roof weakening the structure. Some preventions one could take here are to make sure gutters and downspouts are clear.  Also, ensure architectural features of the roof have adequate flashing and waterproofing.  We hope this information has been helpful for future preparations. Don’t hesitate to call us if you have suffered a loss for a free consultation. 

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