Hurricane Irma Moving Towards Florida

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Hurricane Irma Moving Towards Florida

September 5, 2017:

While hurricane Irma is still several days away, Florida residents are well aware of the need to prepare.

For hurricane storm preparation information, please see:

Remember to take care of lives first.  We can help with insurance issues and storm damage after event has passed.

Hurricane Irma, Strong Category 5

September 6, 2017:

On September 6, Governor Rick Scott tweeted “ Please do not ignore evacuation orders. Remember, we can rebuild your home, not your life.”

Being the strongest hurricane on record with winds clocking at 175 mph, Irma poses a series threat of catastrophic levels to South Florida and the Caribbean.  Some meteorologists are even predicting that Irma insured damage in Florida could be the largest ever.

While South Florida can expect to begin feeling the effects of Irma as early as Friday evening, there is still time to prepare your home.  Make sure to cut back all trees and to remove any dead limbs. Remove all debris and leaves from the gutters. Put your up your hurricane shutters and if you don’t have then use sturdy plywood to protect windows.  Finally make sure to bring all outside furniture, pots and other garden accessories inside. Anything left out can become flying projectiles in high winds.

Don’t forget to have a plan in place, know your nearest evacuation center.  If you have pets, have a plan for them as well. Make sure to have enough food for at least 3 to 5 days per person. Have 1 gallon of water per person and animal per day. Get extra batteries for flashlights and your battery-powered radio, and get a first aid kit.

At Scott M Favre, Public Adjuster we know the devastation a storm like Irma can cause. Our firm adjusts insurance losses resulting from catastrophic storms and other losses.

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